Pros and Cons of Leaf Protection Gutter Guards

There have been well over 400 patents relating to gutter protection and leaf protection but there have been many more business that came and went relating to this field. There are different types/ styles; surface tension like hoods, covers, helmets, leaf guards, toppers, lids, etc. There are the screens; either expanded metal, perforated metal, or grated. Then there is the micro mesh, very fine openings that won’t let even a grain of sand through. What do all of these systems have in common? Maintenance!

Things to consider and things you’re not told:

Micro Mesh – yes, they will keep everything out but they will also keep the water gushing over if not maintained. Debris won’t dry out and blow away like they say it will. Maybe on some homes in some high wind areas, but for the most part debris will build up on top. Bigger leaves with more surface area may blow away, but all the finer material will practically glue itself to the mesh. Tree sap, dust, debris turning to dirt, pollen, organic and non-organic matter floating through the air, oil from your roof will all eventually coat the micro meshes the first year.¬† Things like algae, moss, mildew, bacteria will start to grow in the¬†second year. Failure is destined for the third year. Of course you have to consider many variables. You’re geographic area, you’re roof type, size and pitch, types and amounts of trees. There are many reviews online raving about how well these products have been working for them but they may have an interest in praising them or they live next to a big oak or maple tree that dumps big leaves

7 Different Ways of Cleaning Gutters

There are different ways of cleaning gutters. Some are faster, some are safer, some are messier, and some are just more fun?

Here are a 7 methods:

Shop Vac Method
Clean by hand Method
Hose out Method
Pressure Wash Method
Looj Method (this is a robot with a rotating brush)
Blower Method
Press a button Method

Gutters are Ugly!

Gutters are much more than a tool for moving or collecting water. They are a piece of trim and are that final touch. Gutter do not have to be boring and plain. There are so many options and styles to choose from, you’re head will start to spin. Gutters can also be used to hide imperfections in the roof line or fascia board.

Never Clean Your Gutters Again? Well… yes and no

If you’ve landed on this page, I’m sure you have been searching all over the internet for a straight forward answer. You’ve seen the ads, ‘Never Clean Your Gutters Again!’, is this realistic? In a short answer no, in the long version no. Let me explain. Firstly, all gutter-guards-micro-mesh-stainless-steel-expanded-metal-perforated-tension hoods-leaf-guards-helmets will eventually fail. Any prudent homeowner knows that there is no such thing as maintenance free. Some of us are gullible enough or will not take no for an answer. I mean, this is the 21st century! We’ve been to the moon, we’ve transplanted hearts and yet there is no leaf protection that works? If you’re looking for a foolproof system, none exist. If you’re looking for a low maintenance system, you’re on the right track.


If you live deep in the woods or live in a place where there are alot of trees, you still need to clean the roof anyway! Gutter guards are for helping you maintain them, not eliminating maintenance for good.




What gutter guards are for: reducing the number of times your gutters clog.


What they are not for: Never cleaning your gutters or cleaning your gutter guards.

Tiger Striping on Gutters… What is it?

What is tiger striping on gutters you ask? They are darkened lines that appear on the face/ or front of the gutter. They are most prominent on white gutters and most homes have these stripes.

Some homeowners are led to believe that water overflows from the gutters and causes tiger striping on the face of the gutter. In actuality, most stripes are caused by rain water hitting the top and sliding down. Some paint finishes play a large role in tiger striping.

Drip… Tap… Drip… Tap… My Gutters are Making Noise!

So you’re trying to fall asleep and something is just taping outside right after it rains. Where is it coming from and how do I stop it! You’re not alone, many light sleepers complain of a noise that comes from a single droplet of water smashing down onto an echo-e piece of metal producing that awful tap. It probably doesn’t help if you have thin walls. Rest assured, there is a fix for that. It can occur on one story downspouts, and gets louder as the downspouts get taller. What can be done? Stick a sock in it.