Pros and Cons of Leaf Protection Gutter Guards

There have been well over 400 patents relating to gutter protection and leaf protection but there have been many more business that came and went relating to this field. There are different types/ styles; surface tension like hoods, covers, helmets, leaf guards, toppers, lids, etc. There are the screens; either expanded metal, perforated metal, or grated. Then there is the micro mesh, very fine openings that won’t let even a grain of sand through. What do all of these systems have in common? Maintenance!

Things to consider and things you’re not told:

Micro Mesh – yes, they will keep everything out but they will also keep the water gushing over if not maintained. Debris won’t dry out and blow away like they say it will. Maybe on some homes in some high wind areas, but for the most part debris will build up on top. Bigger leaves with more surface area may blow away, but all the finer material will practically glue itself to the mesh. Tree sap, dust, debris turning to dirt, pollen, organic and non-organic matter floating through the air, oil from your roof will all eventually coat the micro meshes the first year.¬† Things like algae, moss, mildew, bacteria will start to grow in the¬†second year. Failure is destined for the third year. Of course you have to consider many variables. You’re geographic area, you’re roof type, size and pitch, types and amounts of trees. There are many reviews online raving about how well these products have been working for them but they may have an interest in praising them or they live next to a big oak or maple tree that dumps big leaves

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