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Fire Cups™ rain chain



Product Description

This rain chain is gorgeous, sleek, modern. Enjoy the serenity of flowing water and replace those traditional downspouts with this Fire Cups™ artwork. Pure copper (not an imitation or some sleazy coating that will peal) This is the real deal. Hand made with fire to give it a blazed look.

Additional Information


Pure Copper

Cup Dimensions

Top opening: 3 ⅜ in²
Height: 3 in
Bottom Opening: 1 ¼ in²

Rain Handling Capacity

Rain chains can overflow into a cascading waterfall (not ideal, but will still move water).
Use this guide below to determine roof size the rain chain will cover and if you need to add additional chains.

Historic 100 year storms in the following cities;
Portland, OR: 211 feet² of roof
Denver, CO: 106 feet² of roof
Minneapolis, MN: 82 feet² of roof

Heavy Rains;
Portland, OR: 300 feet² of roof
Denver, CO: 150 feet² of roof
Minneapolis, MN: 116 feet² of roof


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